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Frequently asked questions regarding SIAS End-Point Assessment.

How long before EPA should I book?

Up to twelve months but no less than three months.

What is Gateway?

Gateway is the point in which training has finished and the competence evaluation log is signed off.

This must be after the apprentice has achieved any knowledge qualification and Maths and English qualifications at the required level.

Who can be a registered assessor?

The specific requirements for each standard are given in the assessment plan and they must be occupationally competent in the area being assessed.

Usually, they work for the host employer.

Can an apprentice resit their EPA?

Yes, they can resit any component they may have failed within the EPA window given by the assessment plan.

Resit costs can be found on the resources page.

When should an apprentice be registered with SIAS?

All apprentices should be registered at the start of their apprenticeship to enable SIAS to send out the competence evaluation log.

How do we know what training the apprentice needs?

There should be a training plan agreed between the employer and the training provider at the start of the apprenticeship. SIAS does not get involved in the training plan.

How long after EPA are results issued?

Generally, within 15 working days.

Can the Registered Assessor be involved with the apprentice’s training?

Yes, registered assessors are often supervisors and mentors for Apprentices. We do ask that they remain impartial during the synoptic assessment test.

They do not make any decisions on whether the apprentice passes or fails their EPA.

What can an apprentice bring into their Vocational Competence Discussion?

They can bring portfolios, examples of work or any other evidence but they should have a clear index for each topic covered by the discussion.

This is so they don’t spend a long time looking for information.

What can be observed during the Synoptic Assessment Test?

This must occur in a real working environment. The assessor wants to see the apprentice carrying out their day to day activities under normal working conditions.

There are clear criteria that must be covered for each standard.

When do training providers pay for EPA?

For most standards, the cost is split into three payments, an initial payment when learners are registered with SIAS, a second payment when the apprentice comes to the end of their penultimate year and a final payment when the end-point assessment is booked.

For the Level 2 Science Manufacturing Process Operative, there are two payments, one at registration and one when the End-Point Assessment is booked.

(Information about fees is provided as part of the Service Offer Pack and is shown under the Pricing tab on the web page.)

How and when do apprentices receive certification?

When the End-Point assessment has been completed and the apprentice’s employer and training provider have been informed of the result, the training provider will inform the ESFA that the apprentice has completed their training.

Once this has been done SIAS can submit the EPA results and claim the apprenticeship award certificate from the government, who will print it and send it to the employer.

Time and place for End-Point Assessment?

EPA always take place at the location of the apprentice’s host employer. This provides the opportunity for the apprentice to work to the best of their ability in a familiar environment.

The average length for SIAS’ assessments is between 1 and 2 days.

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