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End-point Assessment for Employers

Expert support and guidance throughout the apprenticeship journey.
An employer’s role throughout an apprenticeship is to ensure the apprentice builds their competencies within the workplace, mapping these competencies to the elements in the published Apprenticeship Standard. By working closely with the apprentice’s training provider, they mentor the apprentice and prepare them for their End-Point Assessment (EPA).
To make sure an apprentice’s EPA runs smoothly, employers are responsible for a variety of tasks:

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1. Overview

  • Provide details of the apprentice and the estimated end date of the apprenticeship to SIAS
    • This can be done by a Training Provider submitting a request for service on behalf of the employer.
    • Once the apprentice is registered SIAS issues the Competence Evaluation Log (CEL) and Competence Tracker to employer.
  • Mentor their apprentice to the correct standards and help them prepare for their EPA
  • Complete the Competence Evaluation Log (CEL)
  • Assign an employee as the apprentice’s registered assessor for their assessment
  • Plan the EPA date and agree to EPA schedule with SIAS
  • Complete the EPA schedule template (which SIAS will provide once the employer has requested an EPA)
  • Consider which aspects of their job role the apprentice will be doing on the day of the assessment and ensure this fits the test specification, where applicable
  • Consider how to facilitate the EPA day for the apprentice and external assurer
  • Provide an appropriate location for the Vocational Competence Discussion (VCD)
  • Consider any local requirements, such as security clearance or site induction, for the SIAS external assurer
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2. The End-Point Assessment Schedule

The employer will submit the End-Point Assessment Schedule to SIAS; this should be done at least 3 months before the planned assessment date.

In the schedule the employers nominated will provide details to SIAS about:

  • When the assessment will take place
  • The duration of the Synoptic Assessment Test (if applicable)
  • All parties who will be involved in the assessment process
  • Any local arrangements that the SIAS external assurer needs to be made aware of
  • Local confidentiality or disclosure agreements that SIAS must sign
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3. Competence Evaluation Log

The CEL is an employer’s evaluation of their apprentice’s competency. Each competence statement in the CEL must be signed off. The employer may choose to use whoever they wish to do this.

For each competence element, the CEL will have:

  • A record of how the evaluation was made, e.g. through direct observation or on the job discussion
  • The evidence source
  • Date
  • Assessor Organisation
  • Assessor name & signature

At the end of the training, once the CEL is complete and the employer is satisfied that the apprentice is ready for EPA, the nominated registered assessor will review the CEL.

It is important that registered assessor makes sure the CEL has been completed correctly and they must sign to confirm this.

Once the completed CEL is approved by SIAS and all Gateway evidence has been received, the End-Point Assessment can be carried out.

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4. The Registered Assessor

A registered assessor is a technical expert who is occupationally competent in the apprentice’s job role.

The individual nominated by the employer to be the Registered Assessor (or technical expert) must complete a SIAS application form and provide evidence that they meet the following criteria:

  • Competent in the occupation that is being assessed with recent continuing professional development and/or be professionally registered
  • Hold a qualification at the same level, or higher than, the level of the standard
  • Experience of current working practices
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