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Published: 7th February 2023

Amazon Apprenticeship Senior Program Manager, Q&A with Cogent Skills

Cogent Skills is proud to announce Amazon as a new customers. To celebrate we held an apprenticeship Q&A with their Apprenticeship Senior Program Manager

Cogent Skills is proud to announce Amazon as one of our newest customers. Amazon is using our Process Leader level 4 apprenticeship to train all of their Safety Specialists & Safety Technicians throughout the UK.

To celebrate our new partnership we spoke to Ian Grant, Amazon Apprenticeship Senior Program Manager, about apprenticeships…

Why would you say an apprenticeship is a good way to start a career?

Apprenticeships have been developed by business to teach the skills, knowledge and behaviours required for specific occupations, therefore they prepare apprentices for the real world of work. In contrast to purely academic learning, apprenticeships allow participants to apply knowledge straightaway in the workplace and to learn directly from skilled professional workers who can already do the job.

What is the most important thing you have learned in your career?

I have learned that you never stop learning and that you should always be open to new ideas and ways of working.

What would be your top tip to someone considering an apprenticeship

Make sure that you understand as much as you can about the occupation that you wish to be an apprentice in before you decide on the route for you.

What would you look for if you were hiring an apprentice?

I look for an individual who is keen to learn and wants a career rather than just a job.

Why did you decide to take on apprentices?

We take on apprentices because they bring new ideas, fresh outlooks and diversity into the business.

How do you think having apprentices benefits your organisation?

Apprentices help us to fill the hard to recruit skilled jobs that we need and bringing in new talent across the organisation helps to keep us fresh and update as an organisation.

How does your organisation support your apprentices eg. Mentors, away days……

Apprentices are supported by mentors, their line managers and the apprenticeship team. We organise events such as learner forums, technical summits, outward bounds team events and apprentices are part of a wide community of apprentices both within the business and outside.

What would you say the 3 most important things to do are in your first week in a new job?

1) Try to take in as much as you can about your new company.

2) Get to know your new team, show an interest in them and in the jobs that they do.

3) Find out as much as you can about what your training will look like over the next few months.

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