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Published: 6th February 2023

Welsh Apprenticeship Framework Review

We are inviting feedback on Apprenticeship Framework Pathways.

On behalf of the Welsh Government, Cogent Skills is undertaking public consultation on the review of the following Apprenticeship Frameworks Pathway for Wales:

  1. Process Manufacturing L2 & 3 Apprenticeship Framework
  2. Laboratory and Science Technicians L3 & L4 (to be renamed Scientific Technologies)

We are inviting feedback on the revised draft Framework Pathway; and would be interested to hear from apprentices, employers, training providers, awarding bodies, assessors and other stakeholders in Wales to ensure the Framework Pathway is fit for purpose.

As part of the consultation, we welcome your participation and invite you to comment on the overall sector Framework as well as specific requirements for each Framework Pathway.

For further information about this consultation, please get in touch with Ian Lockhart

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