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Published: 8th February 2023

Q&A With Victrex Apprentice Sioned Morris

We had a Q&A session with Sioned Morris about her experiences as a Business Administration Apprentice at Victrex

Victrex is a world leader in polymer solutions, helping customers to overcome complex design and engineering challenges. We had a chat with Sioned about her experiences so far as a Business Administration Apprentice at Victrex…

Can you tell us what qualification you’ll gain through your apprenticeship?

  • Through doing my Apprenticeship I will gain a Level 3 Certificate in Business Administration.

How are you supported to work and learn at the same time?

  • I am supported to work and learn at the same time by having one day a week set aside just to do my apprenticeship work. The rest of the week I am focused on completing work tasks. 

Why did you choose an Apprenticeship rather than University?

  • I chose an Apprenticeship over University, as I have already done a degree in a completely different subject and I felt now was the time for me to learn a new career after having 4 years in a Private Day Nursery.

What was the application and interview process like?

  • Both the application and interview process were straightforward. I had to answer some questions recording myself. Then I got offered a face to face Interview, when I went away I then got offered a Teams call with the Manager before they offered me the Apprenticeship job.

How does your manager support your learning?

  • My Manager is very supportive, she supports me in a number of ways. We have a 1:1 meeting set up every week to go through how I am getting on with both work and my apprenticeship. She is always catching up with me throughout a day, she is also there if you have any problems throughout the week. She is willing to help me out with answering any questions that I maybe stuck on with my Apprenticeship modules and she is happy to join my progress review sessions with my college tutor.

How have you found the balance between work and study as well as having a social life?

  • I have found the balance between work, study and a social life really good, as I am a full time mum as well, this apprenticeship has given me the work life balance I have always dreamed of as my working days aren’t too long, so I can be there for my son to pick him up from nursery and do his bedtime routine. Having all this balance between everything has given us the family time we have always wanted.

Would you recommend an Apprenticeship to others and if so what tips would you share with them?

  • I would definitely recommend an Apprenticeship to others as University is not always for everyone, as I have already done University I actually feel more comfortable doing this Apprenticeship. My top tip would be don’t be afraid to ask, if you are struggling with something be it a work task or college task ask the people you know for help.

Can you tell us a little about what you’re studying?

  • I am currently studying towards a Level 3 Certificate in Business Administration. My role may involve working independently or as part of a team. This apprenticeship will identify and improve my skills, knowledge and behaviours needed to become a Business Administrator. These include:

•    IT
•    Record and document production
•    Project management
•    Decision making
•    Communication
•    Stakeholders
•    Relevant Regulation

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