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Published: 23rd April 2024

Key players in chemical industry join forces to help build future talent pipeline

Cogent Skills and its partners the Salters’ Institute, the Royal Society of Chemistry and the Centre for Industry Education Collaboration have joined forces to excite young people about a career in chemistry.

The Chemical Industry Skills Matrix brings together the complete skills offer from each organisation, giving a clear picture of the resources available to help engage and encourage young people as they consider their future careers.

For the academic year 2018/19 (the most recent year data is available) 4,180 students graduated with a chemistry degree – only 125 went on to work in the chemical industry within 15 months, underlining the concern employers have that they’re not accessing the range of talent leaving higher education.

Chemical employers and other stakeholders met this week at the Salters’ Institute in central London to discuss the challenges they face in building their future workforce and the solutions.

CEO of Cogent Skills, Justine Fosh, said: “We’re passionately committed to understanding the skills challenges facing the chemistry sector and developing the solutions employers need to build their future talent pipeline.

“Engaging people as they embark on their professional lives is a crucial part of this, helping the UK chemistry sector attract the best and brightest emerging talent.”

Salters’ Institute Board Member Dame Mary Archer said: “Far too many chemistry graduates leave university and enter a career which doesn’t make use of their degree.

“We want to change this – and we look forward to working in partnership to continue exciting young people about a rewarding and challenging career in chemistry for many years to come.”

To download the Chemical Industry Skills Matrix, click here

Speakers at the Chemical Industry Matrix Roundtable
Roundtable discussions

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