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Published: 8th November 2023

Meet the team – Ellie Goodwin

In this meet-the-team article, we talk to Ellie Goodwin, Assessment Development Manager.
In this meet-the-team article, we talk to Ellie Goodwin, Assessment Development Manager.
Hi Ellie.. tell us who you are and what your role is at SIAS?
“My name’s Ellie and I’m an Assessment Development Manager at SIAS. My main role is working on the development of products, working alongside subject matter experts, stakeholders, and engaging with the team to create guides, assessment materials, and everything else that comes with end-point assessments.”
And how long have you been at SIAS?
“I started at the very end of July 2023, so that’s only around three months ago now.”
Before you joined SIAS kind of what did you do, and what’s your background?
“Before SIAS, I worked in product development for multiple awarding and end-point assessment organisations in a Product Development Officer and Qualification Executive role. I’ve been working in the higher education sector for over two years now and prior to that, I did a Postgraduate Certificate in Education at Sheffield Hallam University, so I’ve got qualified teacher status.”
So, education has always been something you’ve been really interested in?
“Yes, I’ve never left it, really!”
Day-to-day, what sort of things does your role involve and what interactions do you have in and outside of the organisation?
“Each day can be completely different. I often work on the development and maintenance of guides, assessment materials and support materials alongside stakeholders and subject matter experts to create those products. I work closely within our products team as well as the wider SIAS team, Quality, Operations and Business Development. I also get the opportunity to attend events and connect with a diverse range of individuals within the industry, engaging in meaningful interactions. This involves addressing any questions they may have about the process.”
What sort of things are you interested in outside of work?
“I like to go to the gym, I’ve been going there for about five years – I’m definitely no muscly weightlifter, but I really enjoy exercise! I recently got a dog, so I now do a lot of walking, and I love reading, specifically cheesy romance.”
So as a newbie, are there any observations you have about your experience of SIAS so far?
“It’s a really lovely organisation to work for – it treats employees really well and everybody’s been so welcoming since I came onboard. It’s also really exciting to be part of a growing organisation with the opportunity to progress and develop and even though it’s growing at a rapid pace, there is a real team feel, you’re in constant communication with everybody, and that’s really nice. I’m home-based visiting the office a couple times a month, so to say that I’ve managed to settle in really well and not feel isolated or alone is a real credit to the organisation. I’m always able to speak to somebody and I feel supported when I need it.”

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