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Bespoke Process Safety Training and Blended Learning – How to start?
1 December 2022

High Hazard and COMAH site leaders. Learn how to develop your own training content. Get planning tips, lessons learned, do’s and don’ts plus business outcomes …

Could Human Error Impact Your High Hazard Operations?

An industry resource article, sharing insight and lessons relating to Human Factors and Competence Management Framework Systems. Process Safety Critical Systems and Procedures Which Framework …

UK COMAH site celebrates Competence Management System award
24 November 2022

Cogent Skills were very pleased to award Livent Lithium (UK) Ltd with the CIA’s Skills Award at the annual CIA dinner in June 2022. Livent …

We’re celebrating! Silver status upgrade award from NEBOSH
8 November 2022

Cogent Skills Training, the global specialist competence and compliance skills organisation for Science and Technology sectors, is delighted to announce a new achievement of excellence …

Process Safety Management. Celebrate the PAST – Prepare for your FUTURE
13 October 2022

Industry EXCLUSIVE for global COMAH and High Hazard sites. Key COMAH site Regulators and industry Leaders share their views on the importance of Process Safety …

Celebrate the PAST – Prepare for your FUTURE
26 September 2022

High Hazard industry leaders and COMAH Regulators share future key messages for Process Safety Management competence and compliance preparedness requirements. In Summer 2022, UK and …

High Hazard Sites
11 September 2022

Do you employ 3rd Party Contractors? 3 – Questions to ask your 3rd Party Contractors 2 – Process Safety Management (PSM) training solutions 1 – …

Celebrating high hazard industry success
7 September 2022

Significant Milestone Reached – 20,000 Staff Trained in Process Safety Management Celebrating High Hazard Industry Success – BUT more sites still need to adopt the …

How a COMAH site developed it’s Competence Management System (CMS)
13 June 2022

Learn Lessons – How a COMAH site developed it’s Competence Management System (CMS) Read the case study here Vita Comfort UK’s Operations Director – Nick …

Why Move to Bespoke Learning?
8 April 2022

Download – Key Business Case Facts for Developing Bespoke Learning To help you meet your Net Zero and Business Growth Agenda  

How isolated oil and gas crews benefit from bespoke virtual learning
14 February 2022

    Download the Case Study – Learn how Stena Drilling’s bespoke virtual Process Safety Management training improved productivity – during crew’s COVID-19 isolation.

Why Unilever Adopted the Cogent Bespoke Blended Learning Model
11 February 2022

Download the Case Study. Why Unilever Adopted the Cogent Bespoke Blended Learning Model

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