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Process Safety Management Training

High value competence and Compliance courses for high hazard and Comah sites.

Based on Industry regulatory requirements and best practice
Our Process Safety courses are recognised as an “example of good practice” by the HSE within the "Understanding COMAH: The Performance and Recognition Framework and can lead to a “reduction in scope or depth of inspection"

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Training for Competence and Compliance

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1 Day Course

Ideal for contractors, office staff, apprentices and cleaners on high hazard sites, or for organisations where hazards are relatively low. It provides delegates with a basic understanding of the principles of Process Safety, how they can have an impact on it and how it compares to Occupational Safety.

Using real examples and workshop activity, PSA will allow participants to learn how to operate safely within the industry that they work and understand the important role they play in preventing incidents from occurring, as well as the basic principles and awareness of Process Safety – covering the implications if an accident was to occur on site.

1 May 2024 North West

3 Jul 2024 North East


2 Day Course

Hazard Management Foundations 2 DAY course will cover the identification, evaluation and prevention of accidents and incidents, as a direct result of failures in equipment, processes and procedures. All employees working in high hazard industries need to understand the safety, health and environmental hazards associated with their working environment.

This 2-day course will provide the fundamental knowledge and understanding of the principles of hazard management across the entire organisation.

20 Mar 2024 Online

5 Jun 2024 Online


2 Day course (plus 2 follow up observation visits)

The Workplace Competence Assessor (WCA) course will provide front line managers, supervisors and team leaders with the tools, techniques and skills to evaluate, develop and maintain the ongoing competence of their employees.

WCA is designed to upskill staff who need to assess competencies in the workplace, whether they are existing Competence Assessors or aspiring to be.

28 Feb 2024 North West

24 Apr 2024 North East


4 Day Course (plus 1 day assessment)

For New and existing Managers, Supervisors, Junior Managers, Safety representatives, newly qualified Health & Safety Advisors.


This certificate focuses on the prevention of catastrophic accidents and near misses associated with loss of containment of energy or dangerous substances such as chemicals and hydrocarbons.

Designed for high hazard industries where process safety management is critically important, to implement effective systems. This certificate is used effectively by industry employers to help keep people safe from injury and loss of life, protect valuable assets, avoid prosecution, litigation, and loss of reputation

The EXCLUSIVE value-added Process Safety Management training content is benchmarked to current COMAH / SEVESO III regulatory compliance requirements and ONLY available from Cogent Skills.

TBC 2024 North West

15 Apr 2024 North East

Human Factors Awareness Course

1 day

For Hazard industry leaders and management who not only need to understand more about Human Factors / Competence Management and it’s relevance to process safety on a COMAH site, but also need to understand how to comply to HSE’s Human Factors regulatory requirements.

The course includes some real-life case studies – bringing the theory to life! Case studies include examples of where human factors contributed to major accidents.

30 Apr 2024 North West

9 Jul 2024 North East


Who is it for? Your own internal training lead/ in house resource, who will be trained and provided with all content to deliver the 12-hour modular course to your operators under license

2 Day Course

Designed to give you and your business the tools and techniques to deliver in-house process safety training to the industry standard for your operators, maintenance technicians and long-term contractors.

About your ‘License to Train’

Your own internal training lead/ in house resource will be trained and provided with all content to deliver the 12-hour modular course to your operators under licence.

Companies buy a license at minimal cost for the desired number of internal trainers.

  • Your trainer/s will attend a 2 day ‘Train the Trainer’ course where the PSMO course content and best practice training techniques and will be covered by one of our expert trainers. On the 2nd day delegates will be asked to deliver part modules to demonstrate understanding and competence.

Companies pay a small individual license fee for every individual that is trained by the internal trainer/s. The fee includes the training materials (a pack of 6 module booklets), registration onto the Cogent online assessment, Cogent certificate and quality observation.

13 Mar 2024 North East

15 May 2024 North West

Process Safety Management Foundations (PSMF)

2 Day Course

Who is it for? Managers, Supervisors, Safety Personnel, Senior Contract Employees, Young Engineers, High Hazard Employees

PSMF provides the fundamental knowledge and understanding of the principles of process safety management across the entire organisation.

TBC 2024 North West

8 May 2024 Online

10 Jul 2024 North East

Process Safety Leadership for Senior Executives (PSL)

1 Day course (with individualised follow up meeting)

Who is it for? Senior Executives and Board Members of major hazard facilities

The PSL course delivers specialist board level direction for those who are ultimately responsible for developing a strong process safety culture within their organisation and who need to make key business decisions that have an impact on process safety – offering a clear insight into how to promote a positive safety culture throughout your organisation through the effective engagement of your workforce. Delegates receive a follow up with a course specialist to reinforce and support the implementation of the learning within the workplace.

6 Feb 2024 North East

21 May 2024 North West

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