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Awarding Body training

Accredited and approved by external, leading awarding bodies - delivered by Cogent Skills

courses designed by industry for industry

Training course key aims are to:
• Help worldwide high hazard industries keep their ‘License to Operate’
• Improve business’ operational integrity, safety and reduce the risk of a Major Accident.
• Ensure that your workforce competence management, process safety compliance and existing systems are fit for purpose.


Board Members, Directors, Managers and Supervisors – responsible for the safe operations of Assets, People and Systems

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Designed by industry – for industry. 
Our courses are recognised as good practice by the HSE’s ‘Understanding COMAH: The Performance and Recognition Framework.

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PSMCPB Approved
Regulatory Standard
PSMCPB Approved
ECITB Hazard Management Foundations
In partnership with the Engineering Construction Industry Training Board (ECITB), employers can…
NEBOSH HSE Certificates and Awards
Globally recognised health, safety and risk qualifications from NEBOSH and the Health…
NEBOSH HSE Certificate in Process Safety Management
Includes value-added Process Safety Management training standards.
NEBOSH HSE Award in Risks & Managing Risk Assessments at Work
Structured around the H.S.E’s approach to controlling the risks caused by workplace…
NEBOSH HSE Certificate in Health & Safety Leadership Excellence
For senior business leaders or those aspiring to this position. To help…
NEBOSH HSE Introduction to Incident Investigation
Learn how non-complex incidents can be investigated effectively. By learning lessons and…
NEBOSH General Certificate in Occupational Health and Safety
Protect your colleagues and your workplace
NEBOSH National Diploma for Occupational Health and Safety Management Professionals
NEBOSH Health and Safety at Work Award
Course Mapping and Certification
Having your training mapped to competencies prescribed in the Cogent Gold Standards…
Responsible Person in GDP Standards
The Responsible Person Gold Standard sets out an industry agreed framework that…

An Overview

All Competence training courses have been approved by expert panels and meet the relevant awarding body or industry standard. Content has been developed by rigorously vetted, subject matter experts - who have benchmarked content to COMAH / SEVESO III competence and compliance requirements against:

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To read:

HSE COMAH Operational Delivery Guide – Cogent Skills is the custodian and exclusively delivers training which include the Process Safety Management industry training standards (for COMAH / Seveso III sites)- Developed by the PSM Competence Programme Board as listed in this HSE guide.

Competency Management System guidelines

“HSE's analysis of recent major hazard leadership interventions has highlighted the links between poor performance on site and a lack of competency in the management of major hazards at senior leadership level.

Boards should have at least one person who is accountable for process safety performance and workforce competence, who understands how the decisions made at board level can impact upon safety, both now and into the future."

Matt Lea

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To explore your specialist skills opportunities! Let’s discuss which of our solutions will be best for your needs! Click 'Let's meet'  to book in a FREE 30-minute discovery session. Watch our video to learn more.

"It’s so important that employers do not have to face skills challenges alone. SIP provides a fantastic platform that enables us to collaborate together."

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Training News

Industry leaders launch major new skills study for COMAH sites
20 February 2024
A group of leading experts has launched a major study into managing process safety in high-hazard…
Nearly half of all high hazard sites have engaged with process safety management competence programme
15 February 2024
Half of all British onshore high hazard sites have engaged in process safety training designed to…
Regulatory inspection – what to expect and how to prepare
23 January 2024
The prospect of a Control of Major Accident Hazard (COMAH) regulatory inspection can be daunting, particularly…

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