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Published: 30th May 2024

A Case Study of End-Point Assessment with SIAS in Practice: An Interview with Chris Askew, Operations Manager at Train’d Up

A Case Study of End-Point Assessment with SIAS in Practice: An Interview with Chris Askew, Operations Manager at Train'd Up
Chris, thank you for joining us today. Can you start by telling us about the partnership between Train’d Up and SIAS?
“Train’d Up first signed our collaborative agreement with SIAS in May 2023. We’ve been working together for about 12 months now, and the experience has been very positive. Initially, we focused on the Level 3 Maintenance and Operations Engineering Technician, the Level 3 Science Manufacturing Technician, and the Level 3 Science Industry Maintenance Technician standards.”
That’s quite an extensive list of standards. What made Train’d Up select SIAS as your end-point assessment (EPA) partner?
“One of the key reasons we chose SIAS was their early registration process. It’s a joined-up process that works well for everyone involved. The planning meetings with the SIAS team are incredibly helpful. They are very personable and bring a human factor to the partnership. There’s always someone at the end of the phone if we have any problems, which is invaluable.”
It sounds like the relationship goes beyond good processes. Can you elaborate on how SIAS has engaged with Train’d Up and your stakeholders?
“SIAS has delivered a series of engagement events that have been very beneficial for us. For instance, they held a session with one our key clients, which helped align expectations for EPA.”
How did the partnership with SIAS start?
“SIAS took on many of our apprentices due to complete EPA. We worked with SIAS to plan and successfully deliver in a short period of time, marking the start of a good relationship. From that point onwards, we moved engineering standards to SIAS.”
How has this partnership with SIAS changed your perception of the EPA process?
“We value the close relationship and collaboration from registration through to planning meetings, workshops, and conducting the EPA elements.  We’re looking forward to continuing this collaboration and exploring new opportunities with SIAS in the future.”

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