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Published: 5th June 2024

Meet the team – Elaine Emery

In this meet-the-team article, we talk to we talk to Elaine Emery, an Assessment Development Manager at SIAS.  
In this meet-the-team article, we talk to we talk to Elaine Emery, an Assessment Development Manager at SIAS.
Thanks for joining us, Elaine, please tell us a little about who you are and your role at SIAS.
I am an Assessment Development Manager working in the Product Development Team here at SIAS.  This role is primarily about the development and maintenance of the End-Point Assessment (EPA) materials and supporting resources for the Apprenticeship Standards we cover.  I work alongside my colleagues and with subject matter experts to ensure that the assessments are current and relevant to the role and meet industry needs.
How long have you been at SIAS for?
I have been working here at SIAS since January 2024.

What was your background before you joined the organisation?

Prior to working at SIAS I have worked with other Awarding Organisations / End-Point Assessment Organisations for approximately 12 years in both product development and operational teams.  Prior to that I worked for the NHS as a contracting / commissioning manager.  NHS services are dedicated to providing the best care possible to patients and I believe working in this environment for many years has given me a real appreciation of the value of good customer service and the importance of working within strict regulations. 

Tell me about going back into education. That must have been a leap? What was it particularly about that subject area that interested you?

It’s something I’ve always been interested in and feel like I’ve done things a little bit back to front! I had children when I was young, and then I decided to go back into university. I studied hard as a mature student and did quite well. I think, with psychology and education, thinking about assessments, it’s all interlinked, so I wanted to use what I’d learned and put it back into to what I’m passionate about.

What does a typical day look like for you?

A typical day could involve reviewing assessment plans in detail to ensure I fully understand all of the requirements specific to that particular EPA. It also involves working on the development of new assessment materials and resources for an EPA. I meet with subject matter experts to secure their technical expertise to support developments. My role also involves reviewing current EPA materials to ensure that assessments are up to date and fit for purpose and I attend relevant meetings, both internal and external, in relation to the Standards we deliver and to the wider EPA landscape.

There’s lots happening at SIAS with a growing product portfolio. What have you found to be the most exciting thing?

SIAS have really ambitious plans and are working hard to achieve these whilst ensuring they do not compromise on quality or customer service.  It is really exciting to be a part of this and to see how the whole SIAS Team are pulling together to make this a reality.  You really do feel like you are a part of something special.

Please tell us a little bit about Deborah outside work?

I have two grown up sons and two grandchildren who all live locally so I get to see lots of them, which is great. Since childhood I have always been a creative person, and over the years have taken up various hobbies including sewing, knitting and various crafts.  However, my first love has always been art, and I have a particular love for drawing people and animals.  I have been a portrait artist for a number of years now and love the sense of satisfaction from creating a piece of artwork from someone’s old photo.  Also I am due to get married in August this year so when not in work am busy making plans for the big day!
Do you have a final thought for our readers?
I am really pleased to have had the opportunity to join SIAS.  They are great both as an employer and as an EPAO and I am really looking forward to seeing their ambitious plans becoming a reality.

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