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Published: 12th October 2023

10 science influencers to follow (part two)

Here’s part two of our guide to ten science influencers to follow on social media.

Emily Calandrelli

@thespacegal on Instagram (260k followers)
Host of a hit Netflix series and children’s author, this MIT engineer satisfies our curiosity about outer space.

Professor Brian Cox

@profbriancox on X (3m followers)
You’ve watched his television series, you’ve listened to his podcasts – now follow him on social media and share his wonder at space and nature.

Esther Odekunle

@science.uncovered on Instagram (22k followers)
This biochemist and neurobiologist explores a range of scientific concepts and has a good line in ‘bad’ science jokes.

Hank Green

@hankgreen on Instagram (1.4m followers)
This biology-mad vlogger has become known for breaking down scientific ideas in a fun and entertaining way.

Cool Chemistry Guy

@coolchemistryguy on TikTok (3m followers)
Rapid-fire chemistry experiments with an emphasis on the spectacular – and an eye on sustainability as well.

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