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Published: 10th February 2021

Apprenticeship Standards – Webinar Series

Join SIAS in our apprenticeship standards webinar series hosted by our Assessment Development Manager – Alex Henderson.

In these webinars, Alex will explain the roles of employers, training providers and apprentices in the lead up to End-Point Assessment along with detailing what’s required in the assessments.

Each webinar will be tailored for the apprenticeship standard you work with and following the presentation, there will be an opportunity to discuss your questions with the SIAS team.

To view and register our upcoming webinars, click here.

-Maintenance & Operations Engineering Technician L3: 24th Feb (10am)

-Engineering Operative L2: 10th March (10am)

-Lean Manufacturing Operative L2: 24th March (1pm)

-Research Scientist L7: 7th April (10am)

-Science Industry Maintenance Technician L3: 21st April (10am)

-Science Manufacturing Technician L3: 5th May (10am)

-Science Manufacturing Process Operative L2: 19th May (10am)

-Laboratory Scientist L5: 2nd June (10am)

-Technician Scientist L5: 16th June (10am)

-Laboratory Scientist L6: 30th June (10am)

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